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29 October 2008

What the hell is the ________that passes for Country Music these days?

Today kicked Ass! You know, for me.

I had a 3 hour window to get to work, and I took it. Up a hill and through some trees. I wasn't sure how long it would take to ride this route, so I gave myself plenty of time...I thought. It takes me between 30 minutes (if I lie) and 50 minutes (you know, if I'm riding a slow bike) to ride straight to work via the road.

Sorry for y'all Midwest farmer's daughters, it was in the 70s today.

Here the Kampe Monkey in what I hope will be it's natural environment. Woodsy singletrack.

So I hugely overestimated the time, and was at work an hour and fifteen before required. Next time I'll hit a few more trails. Then there was work, and when I got out it was dark and chilly. 53degrees made my eyeballs water on the downhill. Now it's y'all's turn to laugh Midwest, East Coast.

We were out of beer. Hamm's is sold only in 24packs, and that won't fit. But look with your eyes at the 12 pack and the sweater vest and the paperback (it is "Trouble", and it is Trash) and the seatbag full of tube+tools+patchkit and the Moleskine and the camera (well, obviously you can't see that) and the phone and the arm warmers. There is also a light rain jacket and headlamp and taillight (the batteries died). That's all stuffed in this bag.

We are not out of beer anymore. It took buckling the extra straps into the regular closure straps to hold it all in, but this type of thing is what those are for, huh?

I'm hoisting one right now, hoping today was kickass for you, too.


Fxdwhl said...

nice package, er make that packing. a mini porteur hauls beverages lovingly. and if you've got one already, the nitto mini front rack will fit on a monkey.

bloodline said...

where can i buy a flask/waterbottle cage? see you at;

oh, nice package!

Lord Hayden said...

I'm more than a bit bewildered as to why you didn't reduce the size of the twack by drinking a couple of cans before your ride home.

reverend dick said...

Fw- I might be needing one of the latest set ups frpm Rack'n'Roll. As per the drawering from today's post. Whew. WANT THE TOY!

Mr. Blooddrew- That seems like an item sure to be found in your town.

Sir Lord- Don't think the 1st thought that occurred to me was not that I could prolly fit an 18er of Hamms in the bag, leaving 6 to other arrangements. Prudency won out.

Gunnar Berg said...

Kickass Oct 30. I had an infinite window to get to work. And I took it.
I went to road bike heaven. It was a late autumn weekday, so I had 75 miles of paved trails through the woods along the trout stream all to myself. And kickass it was.

Fxdwhl said...

i'm sure he could come up with one for a monkey front end. been helping him with cad sketches for both potential customers and day dreaming designs. running v's will help too as fender eyelets are left accessible.

reverend dick said...

Gunnar- Congratulations on your 150 miler.That sounds fun.

FW-This is all idle speculation. How much would one of those cost, do you estimate?

SiouxGeonz said...

Excellent packing :)

Gunnar Berg said...

Hamms Beer? I'm truly stunned. Hamms was brewed in St.Paul and went out of business maybe thiry years ago, because it was, frankly, bad beer. And now it shows up on the West Coast as something to be valued. Stunned.

Gunnar Berg said...

Are you speaking of the cost of the trails? Dunno. It did take a beautiful, but dying little village and re-invigorated it. Named one of the top art communities in the national, as well as one of the top communities for outdoor activities. Wonderful restaurants and B&Bs, professional year round theater; all spun off the bike trail.

reverend dick said...

Gunnar- Nah. I was asking Fxdwhl if he had an estimate on the cost of the neat porteur+ rack sketched on racknroll.blogspot because it is so tempting. Like a Nitto campee with a porteur top...

As for the Hamms, well it is the Beer Refreshing. Keep in mind that this is a circle of lowbrows in here and they enjoy the cheap canned beer. It is a drinkable bargain, is what it is.

I was recently informed that Coors has been billed as the "Coldest Tasting Beer"; a claim I am reluctant to investigate for fear that it may prove false and I love the idea so much.

Gunnar Berg said...

First sponser of the Minnesota Twins. "Hamms - from the Land of Sky Blue Waters. H,A, double M, Hamms". They still got the Hamms Bear?
I first drank beer in any quantity 40 years ago in Germany. I've never gotten over the quest for the perfect DARK beer. From a tap when I can, bottles when I have to. Cans is for peas and beans.

Ah, just because I had the opportunity to ride 150 miles clean and alone does not necessarily mean I took advantage of it. Maybe 50 miles of it. I haven't ridden a century in maybe ten years. I keep hitting that "Am I stll having fun?" point earlier and earlier as the yeays roll by.

reverend dick said...

Gunnar- No, sadly the Hamms bear has been retired. Maybe it was too much expenditure for them to continue the animated ad campaign. He is missed.

The beauty of the can is that it fits so nice in your pocket and won't shatter when you crash on it. Also, the "Am I Still Having Fun?" question is easily answered with a "Heck yes." when you pop a top and keep rolling...