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02 October 2008

It's my birfday

So everbody owes me something, right?

I walked into the kitchen to see this banner:

N made me 2 cards also. This is what my 12 year old daughter feels is appropriate sentiment:
"Pewwww!? What is that SMELL? It's my Papa!
Just kidding

Papa- Thanks for all the care and love you give. There are soo many things I could write about you. Ithink I could write a novel with all the nice things you've done. But here are the main things: You always help me with my homework. You take time out of your day to spend time with us, even if you don't want to you still do. And I really appreciate that, even though I may be mad. But I'll Always Love YOU!!

I {heart} U!
Even if you are funny!"
Good stuff right there.

L is out of town, so birfday riding will take place tomorrow. I've been attempting 100 miles on each birfday for 5 years now. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but there is the attempt. The route keeps morphing, but the bike will be cyclocross so's we can do anything.


Fxdwhl said...

congratulations on surviving that long!

Joe said...

Have a good B-day!

Joe in Iowa

grommet said...

40!.......that's hardcore. The family says Happy Birthday, although M____ says it's not your birthday, it's his.

badger007 said...

I would have said happy birthday had I known. I am also LibraMan. Let us celebrate!!! Enjoy.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Happy're just a kid!

l'il hateful said...

Yeah. It's all over. I'll bet you're feeling it today. Geez, by 41 ... dude, so much worse.

l'il hateful said...

Oh and happy birfday n' stuff.

Tim said...

Happy birthday. Welcome to the forties.

Anonymous said...

wow. happy old man day.