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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

15 October 2008

Everthing looks better moonlit.

Hey. It says right in the banner: "More moonlit riding...your eyes'll adjust." It is true. And unless/until you actually go out and ride solely by the light of the moon, you are fooling yourself that you know. You have no idea.

There it is.

People. That is some magic shi_ right there. Don't short yourself, give it a chance. It is a revelation (to be followed by another when you're hooked and riding lightless during a New Moon only to realize your eyes have adjusted so exquisitely that you feel spotlighted by stars.) I won't go into the whole Jedi riding thing-though it is true, I'll simply say: there are 12 chances per year to experience this Full Moon magic. That's it. It's part of why it's magic. You can do whatever you chose to occupy your time last night pretty much any other night of the year. Nope, it's true and you know it. Step up and put yourself out there.

Staying true to my yahooery, I showed up after it had been dark for at least 15 minutes last evening. A cold Tecate placed strategically at the corner proved Little Jewford had been and gone. So I kitted up slowly to see if anyone else showed, and ultimately rode out alone. This cut the ride well short because, uh, it's magic and all but riding offroad alone at night is spooky and scary.

There are pumas in Fort Ord. (even if this pic is from elsewhere)

So today I rode the fixxed crosscheck today up and over out to Fort Ord. Much of the same route taken last night. Here are some photos:

An inkling of the route.

The meeting place. End of Parker Flats Cutoff.

Leaving pavement, entering Fort Ord

Looking through the scrubby Coast Live Oaks at the Stairs. These can be creepy at night, what with the Spanish Moss and rustling critters.

Overlooking #50 and Barloy Road, at the end of Mud Hen Express. This is where I sat for some time drinking another cold beer and listening to the cicadas. Moonlight so bright you could see color!

Singletrack through some tunnel-like Manzanita.

Then back through town and up over the hill again.

Home on singletrack through the Monterey Pines...

where I changed into my fancy pants and odd jacket to shuttle my sweetie, via Big Dummy, down past the Carmel Mission to Mission Ranch for the sunset and cocktails....


Little_Jewford said...

speaking of fixed gear off road riding check out the new issue of "Bike"

I think you'll dig the article on Smoke Bikes.

Ryan said...

Speaking of nothing related to moonlit or fixed riding but just general kickass big mtn bike rides check out:

Which is what i'll be doing mostly this weekend. Also trying to decide which will be better for warmth; Scotch or Schnapps?

reverend dick said...

Lj- I cannot read that online? BS. Now I have to go down to my local...

Ryan- 2 words: Bour Bon.