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27 October 2008

there's a large ____________ coming in our direction

Rode this one area today. Only- get this- I took the trail I usually only look up and ride past. Then I mixed it up even more by taking another trail I usually skip when I do take this trail (which I usually do not). After which I rolled around and took another turn I usually skip, and wound up going back to the 2nd unusual trail...Oh yeah, that's where that goes.

So I rode the 2nd section again (faster) and stayed on my usual unusual route after that. Riding the Kampe Monkey was real fun. It's rock solid and comfortable! It's also very damn heavy. Very heavy. Noticeably heavy. Slow on the road type heavy. But, this is made up for by the stellar off-roadability and plushness. And, plus it will work so nice as an off road tourer.

It worked real nice to take me around and fetch those antlers from their hiding spot in the woods.


bloodline said...

glad you found the 'real site' it's always been there.

SiouxGeonz said...

Antlers, indeed.