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12 October 2008

Full Hunter's Moon

Git up! Up! Off that couch!

Calling all bikes...Full Moon Ride in Fort Ord on Tuesday, October 14th. It's the Full Hunter's Moon and it's time to ride bikes without lights and drink beers without limes (unless Sr. Mr. Dr. D____ G___ comes along, I suppose) until late in the evening. Meet at Parker Flats Cutoff. Dark thirty, and don't involve the police or those flashing red lights. Or else.

This guy would go. Are you yeller?


Little_Jewford said...

PFC by Giggling or Normandy?

reverend dick said...


That is the street that Marshall School is on, yes?

whatevah...The actual entry point there by the elevated yellow water truck.

Little_Jewford said...

dig...big truck on stilts...

Sr. Dr. Mr. D___ G___, esq. said...

me *likey* da limey! But only in summertimey. Then it's on to more manly pursuits, like celebration ale or guinness.

Oh, what were we talking about? Moonlight ride? Sounds good, but, umm, I have to, umm... babysit. That's right, I said it. Something about it being my brother's wedding anniversary or something. Plus my va&ina hurts.

Don't feel bad though, it's not the night ride that I object to, it's you. Hope that makes you feel better.