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01 September 2011

like herding pussies

You people.

I try and I try. Y'all leave me no choice but to subject you to what has been filling my head, then. My motha ucking forearms are killing me. It's a combination of factors, resulting from grabbing and gripping at work and at play. I been laying off both as much as I can stand. I could complain about that.

Fine. It's Classic Country for you, my creepy internet connection (except you, Joe. You are a stand-up guy)...

You brought this on yourself.

...sorry, Kitty, but EmmyLou really owns this one.


Gunnar Berg said...

Would I be taken out back and beaten within an inch of my life if I confessed I don't like Kitty Wells? Yeah, I probably would. I'll just have to take my medicine.

reverend dick said...

WE can agree to disagree on Ms. Wells.

That Ray Price # will help the medicine go down.

blackcatbicycles said...

while we're talking about beatings, anyone showing up to a "country music" show these days wearing those threads is gonna find themselves on the wrong end of the beat down stick. no silken kerchiefs, no matching teal colored outfits with contrasting yella.
my, my, how times change.

reverend dick said...

The Nudie Suits were never for the crowd. But, were the opportunity to present itself, I'd gladly wear one. My redneck credentials are bona fide.

Little_Jewford said...

I've got something for you to grab...wait, that doesn't work...dam!