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27 September 2011

on the incognito tip

You call up your ____, however works best for you.

Secret Boys hand deliver by bike a shrine of sorts...

We'd discussed possible placement for this, the inaugural shrine, and decided on this spot as both knowable and hidden. Which, if you know where it is, it is. The boys are looking for likely spots in the above.

We settled on this. I'd drilled mount holes at home with power, but here in the woods it is all hand crank. Something like this is always vulnerable to thuggery, though we tried to make it secure with 2" wood screws. I think it would frustrate would-be despoilers to the point of simply wrecking it before it comes loose.

Aha! At last we see who hands off the bidon.

By this point they were done "helping" and were just chasing lizards.

We'll see how this goes. The shrine contains: 1 bottle of the good corn liquor, 1 patch kit, 1 box of matches, 2 tire levers, 1 26" tube, 1 700c tube, loose allen keys (3,4,5,6), 1 box of assorted common to bicycle bolts, 1 chaintool (you can't front on that), 1 short length of 9speed chain, 1 lighter, and some hoodoo.

It isn't exactly hidden, and it isn't obvious either.

And, plus I swapped the Nitto Northroad bars (which have been on the fixed Crosscheck for years) for On One's Mary Bar and it felt fantastic! So dialed. I was loving the feel of my cockpit. You would love the feel, too.

Then I banged my wrist on some wood while we were making some adjustments to the New Stairs and the fun was over. I burst that vein and my wrist started stinging and swelling. It was time for an immediate one-handed ride to the race van and home.

Jury-rigged ice pack. I can't be having wrecked hands. In fact, this post has been entered on the left. It is time to rest the right.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Extremely well done on the shrine, not so much on the wrist. That which doesn't stop you might slow you down.

Johann Rissik said...

Holy Mmmmary Bars. Take it easy with that flesh hammer, hope it heals quickly.