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21 September 2011

you are led to Look and See

The Brooks Boultbee Jacket. Their hat in the ring (as it were) of cycling apparel. That up there is some dude/not me getting fitted by master bespoke tailor Timothy Everest and his lovely British assistant. I assume.

I want that jacket so bad.

I been sitting on this one. Everone (you would be amazed at the # of show goers who did not spend time in the Brooks booth!) I took to see this jacket- the Brooks employees accused me of it being the 4th time I'd come in just to ogle the coat- was unimpressed. Maybe it's the (estimated) $1,400.00 price tag, maybe it's that they were sober, maybe it's just that they all lack taste & sophistication... Whatever it is, I gots to get a better class of friends. Ones who'll buy me this coat!

I want that jacket so bad.

If it appeals to you in at all the way it appeals to me (I would live in it), then perhaps you care to geek out with a video. It mentions the details-there are many- I examined at length. Not limited to the integral ribbon shoulder straps so that if you overheat it may be worn off the back (like a cape!?!). Seriously, it's like my 6 year old mind was shown Lawrence of Arabia (minus the part where it's implied he is buggered by the Turks, which is inappropriate for 6 year olds) and Batman was in there for good measure.

Jackets suck. They all overheat you, and none are waterproof like they claim. At least in this I would be uncomfortable in style.

Imagine if this were not pussified with a motor. How bad ass is that?

I'm sorry you had to see this.


Johann Rissik said...

I would not fight you for that jacket. No sir, not even for a moment. So I guess I won't be joining you new circle of friends ;)

Dave Lee said...

To be nice, I'd say that jacket is polarizing.

Love your blog!

Juancho said...

I'd go with a Members Only jacket. They never go out of style. I just finished Libra, it bored my cross-eyed.

reverend dick said...


This is exactly the kind of cold flippancy I get from actual friends!

Here I was thinking the internet is a welcoming, happy place where everyone is fair and open-minded. What happened to the supportive blog community I used to know?

My fashion expertise is wasted on you lot.

reverend dick said...

Juancho- try "Underworld". It's good. Though I only read DeLillo on DFW"s recommendo.

And don't sleep on Michael Chabon's "Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay".

Juancho said...

I am not sleeping. I picked it up for a song at the doomed Borders by my house. I'm into Moon Palace, by Paul Aster first though. How about Fortress of Solitude for you?

Get that jacket my man, if you think you can rock it, then you should have it. Put up a paypal account and let's buy it for you.

reverend dick said...

Now I'm embarrassed. That's very supportive, just like my imagined internet.

There's lots better uses for your paypal account that swaddling me in luxury. I COULD pull that jacket off, you know while having it on like- I make this ish look good- but I think it's better left as a literary device which allows me to insult my boorish audience.

Fahzure said...

$1400 retail, probably $600 EP. That's attainable, just barely, without ruining your marriage. Please do not donate to this cause, for without the requisite suffering, the jacket is mere spectacle.