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18 September 2011

one after the other one

Back at the old home on the central coast, it is some Summer. We get a real fine Indian Summer. You should come ride.

Singlespeeding is good for clearing the mind.

I felt surprisingly froggy. After pickling meself in Vegas, and riding nothing but FAT tyred (as opposed to fat, tired) monsters, the featherweight flickability of the Black Cat 29"SS was noticeable and relished. A nudge was all it took for course correction; no muscling, no pushing or pulling. It's a fun bike! Climbs like a frightened bear cub, and that's fast- even with the flailing limbs and wasted motion. I hadn't ridden this bike in months and months. The fit felt slack. I dropped the stem 10mm, and it made a nice change; more tuggable/aggressive as opposed to feeling droopy off the back.

Saturday after work was for quickness. Sunday after work was for cutting. I took the clippers up and cleaned that one section nicely. All that poison oak is gone. Those pesty Monterey Pine saplings crowding the singletrack and soaking me (they hold a lot of foggy precipitate) on the way to work are trimmed. Hey _ick, remember that one time you pulled out your belt mount clippers and were all "Yeahhhhh!" and no one gave you any respect? Well, now I understand how well chosen that tool can be. So, yeahhhhh!

Trail maintenance is a must. Still lots of cleaning to be done, and I really need to reroute that other section around those big dead falls, as well.

Stay sharp! But also, know that rubbing is racing and CCCX#2 is coming up on this Saturday, the 24th, so being against racists in a sense means some pushing and shoving on the cyclocross course...

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