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05 September 2011

work your fingers to the bone, what a you get?

...bony fingers, Brothers and Sisters. Bony fingers.

A Happy Labor Day to all my friends!

This is a blue belly workin man's lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis). After submitting himself to several catches and releases on D_____'s part, he graciously became the 1st ever lizard catch for J______. Maybe he was just tired.

Studies have shown that Lyme disease is lower in areas where the lizards occur. When ticks carrying Lyme disease feed on these lizards blood (which they commonly do, especially around their ears), a protein in their blood kills the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. The ticks' blood is therefore cleansed and no longer carries Lyme disease.- Wikipedia says _uck yeah.

Though, it could have been that J was up to speed on account of his new cockpit parts...we all know how fast carbon fibre makes one.
J needed a new saddle.
And his old post is clamp-style.
It was in the parts bin.
He only weighs 63lbs.

Ruling it on Mudhen Express.

Chasing him on foot.

He catches up to his brother,

...and they both ride off and ditch me.

Taught them well, I guess. Since Cross Season starts next Sunday(!) we talked race techniques. And how it is OK (and encouraged) to stick it to the other racers- but never hurt anyone.

Picking up longtime leftover empties from the cache in the Caprock.

Sizing up the competition.

Right before I pipped him at the line.

Old age, treachery, etc. And speaking of, my arms are feeling on the mend. Thanks to RestIceCompressionElevation, soft tissue work and some acupuncture. Riding was on hold. Frowny face. Now, I am feeling happy again. Smiley face.

Welcome to your future. I hope it has gainful employment, bicycles, checking for snakes under plyboard, secret hide-outs, rope swings, and beers in the woods with your bros.


Silk Hope said...

Rev your supposed to let em win. in the end they will anyway. Or is your ego trying to fend off father time.

reverend dick said...

Silk, I am his devil's advocate. I am doing him the favor of tempering his iron. When I ask him what are the 3 greatest things in Life, and he answers "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of der women" then he will have snatched the pebble from my cold dead hand.

This ish is deep. My ego weighs a ton.

reverend dick said...

For real?

For really real?

None of y'all are excited about the lizard blood thing?!?!!

What kind of Indian reservation is this?