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06 September 2011

change your Life in a safe retreat

3 hour tour style trip to Santa Cruz for a quick sampling of some Westernest ridge aspects under a well shaded Redwood canopy. Dirt road climb to the serpentine ribbon of all downhill from here. Only one way to get to the top...and that is to climb.

The FNG, M___, wanted to see some new riding. He was in waaaaay over his head fitness-wise (big talk for a slow guy here) going up, and at the very most edge of his technical abilities coming down. There was a lot of waiting. There was a lot of waiting.

I looked at the trail in a different light considering his present limits. That is a hard trail. You forget some of that, knowing it so well. It is exposed side-hill skibbly water bars, there is the pedal biting stump, here is the off-camber root ball, coming up is the fast section into the L-bend with an overhanging limb, etc.

It was still a healthful Good Time (riding hecka tight, buffed singletrack is great- if you're into that kind of thing), but faster is funner.


Gunnar Berg said...

Nicely done.

johnnytrashbike said...

i've ridden guys who didn't know what they were getting in to. ended up watching them push their bikes most of the time. while the rest of the group had a fun ol' time.