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20 September 2011

clean out of sight

SS on pave to dirt. Because A) I am fortunate enough to live within riding distance of dirt, but really B) I am more willing to ride than to drive. That's because I am a cyclist. I lik to ride bikes.

If you are not riding to your ride, and you have the option to so do, then you are losing. Get with it.

I frequently see large birds on that one hillside. Mostly Red Tail Hawks and Buzzards, but an occasional owl. Today I heard a snake, Coluber lateralis lateralis- California Striped Racer, making a hasty retreat for his lair. Heard him and then saw him. I especially dig that, even though it's only due to the protracted walking on account of the SS.

Bobcats have been players these last few days as well...

Today I ventured into some new-to-me trails, and saw the above bobcat (Lynx rufus). I got much closer than this, but photos weren't happening. The cat had a large field mouse dangling from it's mouth. Yesterday's cat, I forgot to mention, I chased and was gaining(!) when he bailed to the side over a fence. I lik to see the wildlife.

Riding the new cleaned section and the fresh reroute was worthwhile. It will take some time to set in, but it has begun. Now it's not just a headache ever time I ride through there thinking "Man! This could be so much better." Because now it is. I also cleaned up some of those arm slappers on the descent to the other side.

I see this sign, but I'm unsure as to what it prohibits. I feel certain it is unrelated to my own activities.

Thinking of saws...

The Silky Super Accel 210 (Large Teeth) is recommended by a person whose bona fides we cannot access. At $37.95, it is made in Japan where they make solid cutting tools. I think I'm leaning more towards the American made Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw at $44.99 from Duluth Pack.

I'm through being cool, and I'm through with being stymied by large branches.


Johann Rissik said...

Those folding saws re the business, they cut stuff way thicker than you'd think remotely possible. I have used the ARS branded one for years, it's an indispensable part of my toolkit.

Andy Skoglund said...

Silky makes a bigger one, called the Bigboy if you're worried about size. If you can't cut it with a 210 blade, I doubt you'd be able to carry it off the trail by yourself. I can't recommend NOT getting a bucksaw enough. Get a pullsaw, and Silkys are the best.

I'm from the Midwest and they say you can walk on the corn if you's believes. Just tryin to help a brotha out

reverend dick said...

Gentlemen...OK. If I can't trust strangers on the internet, who can I trust? Folding Silky it shall be. If you're passionate about a saw type, I'll listen. It's just that my Gerber suuuuuuucked.

And for the record, I can move some logs. I learnt all about leverage from a fellow trundler.