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17 September 2011

every clown has a silver lining

Every interbike has it's seamy side. There're lots of quality photos and words on the computer screens regarding the new bikes/parts/etc. I will add these words: beers, fat tired bikes, bourbon, brownies, go-karts, lost wallets.

Lost my wallet. Several hundred in cash, my credit cards, ID...In the parking lot of a casino. In Vegas.

Thank goodness for kungfu bicycles and Priscilla Presley. In large part, their influence enabled me to gladhandle my friends into enough cash to drive home.

Friends- THANK YOU!

You will see your dollars come back to you.Whatever version of the story you heard is the Truth, and anyone who says different is...misinformed.

I will further say that Surly employs the worst kind of trash. The squirt guns, the ring tossed tires, the insults, the lowbrow conversations. It's almost enough to put me off the cold beer and the Pugsley I will be purchasing.


Gunnar Berg said...

I'm sorry, it's real bummer about the billfold. It can be a real loss and hassle.

If it was available out there, you could drink Surly beer in peace. It has no connection with the bicycle company. The beer is owned by Omar Ansari and Surly Bike of course is owned by Erik Saltvold of QBP.

In my opinion, the beer is better than the bikes.

reverend dick said...

Lots of good things to be said about the Big Dummy and the Pugsley. Who likes to bike camp?

TIG welded stove pipe? Sure, but cheap, durable,and purpose built,too.

Though the Moonraker is a whole other level of giddy, roll-anywhere fun, I think the Pugsley is more practical.