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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

07 September 2011

a ___ of enormous erudition

I don't know about you.

I do know that the Full Harvest Moon has been rescheduled from the officious and restrictive 12th of September to the free-wheeling and debauched 9th and 10th! You like apples? This may or may not be a horrible mistake, given that cross season begins on the 11th!!!!!! but we must gather our rosebuds while the moon shines, mustn't we?

-insert screeching needle party stoppage type sound here-

I just checked the cccx site, and the race has been rescheduled for Saturday the 10th. Eff you, Keef. Now the wind is gone from 'neath my wings. I had a whole spirited roll type thing going and now it's lost like spilt sour mash. _uck! I got the day off and everything.

The moon thing stands.


Lord Hayden said...



blackcatbicycles said...

oh please now, rev.
it will not be the first time you have had a hangover whilst, and subsequent to, a cyclocross race being contested.
get on with it already! i, however, have a serious case of toenail fungus and shan't attend as my daily dose (from a 10 day course) of anti-fungal medication may be rendered useless by impact caused by running.

moooooon, indeed.
friday night monty's log cabin run? scenic route via christopher st. john's?

Lord Hayden said...

last one to the Caprock Bar drinks the fungus meds

reverend dick said...

@roughed up kitty- yuck. You prolly caught that from Uncle Meat. I am very innerested in the Monty's option. I will check myself and get back to you.

Whatever happens, Saturday night is a GO! Somehowhere, someway.

Lord Fauntleroy- why is #41 still in play?