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24 September 2011

a little something, you know, for the effort

Saturday at the races. CCCX#2 back at in in the Ord. Finally, some drizzly legitimacy.

Good course this week- a back and forth between the 2 low ridges around the old Boy Scout Camp. I was very close to vomitus for my 1st lap. 2nd lap...DNF. Front flat. I'd gotten a front flat in my pre-ride and rushy rush changed it (using the 1 spare tube I had) just in time for the 35+B's call-up and to talk a little smack about thorns on the course (you know to get in folks' heads. How do they race where you are?) only to re-flat. I guess I should get a new tire for reals. Apparently the duct tape booted sidewall tear is not kidding around.

This did, however, give me the opportunity to stand around and heckle with the rest of the seedy bottom feeders from Monterey. We chose the 3' drop over by the hidden playground as being more prime time than the barriers. I had opted for the right hand line in practice and found myself with much more hang time than I'd bargained for, so it was the place to encourage others. To encourage them to race fast and take chances!

It goes without saying that_______________. But, a few did take up the gauntlet and let fly. Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted: "Men will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon", and it still holds true though it might be paraphrased as "Cyclocross racers will perform for some jeering and cowbells." Leave it to DFL's own P__ M____ (whose brother _uck, 1st introduced me to fixed wheel bicycles and the phrase "Cuz it feels so good when you stop." in Moab, UT circa '96) to pick up a little bit more speed and a little more air each time round until the inevitable.
Somersault dismount.
P__ had already been taunted. On his 2nd lap, his front wheel had been hit with an empty beer can. He'd flipped the bird and raced on, head down. Not catching anyone, but still- willing. I don't know if it was the determination to win at all costs or the increasingly antagonistic "cheering", but he took the right line and sent it. Sent it sideways and high-sided the landing for a dramatic tumble.
No stranger to this type of set back, he wisely sat still where he landed and regrouped. Asked for a beer. (We failed him there-the beer was all drunk- and I promise it will never happen again) Got back up, straightened his rear shifter (I failed him there- I'd checked the wheels and headset, but did not check the shifter...DOH! Always check the shifter!- and I promise it will never happen again) and jumped back in that race. Well played!

The Little Corporal also said "It requires more courage to suffer than to die."

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Katie said...

This seedy bottom feeder is from Seaside, thankyouverymuch.