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19 September 2011

so low brow, you can't get under it


Class of '87, yo.

In other super ghay news, there was the cross riding to the velocache. There was 1st the pave climbing (cuz that's how it goes), and then the sweet singletrack connector I cleaned up yesterday, and then the narrower pave climbing, and then the velocache deployment, and then the one lane pave climbing, and then the dirt. Ah.

On dirt it was paying attention and going quickly. Then it was time to clean up that other section of trail. You know, the one I been squawking about...

These are looking up. It doesn't look like much in the photo, but this is the sweet new route. You'll thank me when you ride it.

These are looking down. It doesn't look like much in the photo, but this is the sweet new route. You'll thank me when you ride it.

The flow is as good as it can be now, and I cleaned up all the little snags that were worrisome. My folding saw (a blown out Gerber, and one which I had "fixed" by drilling through the handle and bolting it together) crapped out for real on this one. Who has a line on a quality folder? I'm thinking I may just have to bite the bullet and get a buck saw.

At the bottom, I decide to hug the hill some and head back to more dirt options before dropping down to the cloaca (who doesn't love some possum ass?) of Seaside to catch the Swampside cache. On my way, I saw this little guy:

Diadophis punctatus vandenburgii
- Monterey Ring-necked Snake.

I've hadn't ever seen one of these. So that's nice. He was very aggressive, and resistant to being handled.

I took another picture of my saddle. Look how green it is. That is British Racist Green, that is.

Then it was on to the velocache and wrapping the Peninsula to more trails homeward.


msantos said...

8===> whoaaaa!

those snakes like moist areas, i found one under a stump at my house, cool lookin, never seen a large one, but dunno if they get real big. can you make it up to m_t's on october for a full moon ride on the weekend?

britney and heman, same haircut, weird or hot?

reverend dick said...

You love the He-Man.

October Full Moon in Santa Rosa sounds workable. Do they even have trails?

johnnytrashbike said...

if he-man knew how gay adam was he would have kicked his own ass!

Andy Skoglund said...

Silky Super Accel 21 Folding Saw - It's a rocket