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30 August 2011

back to the lab

Conversations are opening with reference to interbike these days. Yes, I will be attending. Yes, I will be getting tanked and gawking at bikes, bike parts, the attendees, the strippers, and hopefully the menu at the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant. Oh man! I loves Ethiopian food.

I see that Surly has dropped the science of their MOonlander (which, let's face it...shall be refereed to as the MOonraker) and it is something I am anxious to test ride. I thought the Pugsley(*want for Ultimate Camping Bike!!!!!) was too one-trick of a pony until I rode it for a day and a half because it was too fun to get off, so. I will test the waters of their Ogre, as well.

Otherwise, I got nothing. Who's got a product/service/food item/strip club that I simply muuuuust try?

Parts is parts. I'll check the Shimano cross stuff. Tektro's fancy new levers, and their disc brake adaptor (road lever to hydraulics...). What else?

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Joe said...

The Pugsley is the Ultimate Camping Bike! And you're right, it too much fun to ride. I almost always have rear panniers on mine and prefer it that way. With some weight over the rear tire, there is almost nothing that I can't climb.

I recently bought a Salsa Anything Cage to try on the fork. I installed it with hose clamps and it works for carrying my 10 x 10 tarp. I need to get another for the other side of the fork to carry my hammock.

From the photos, it looks like the Black Ops Pug has the cage mounts on the fork. My local shop has a Rivnut tool so I may have them install them on my fork in the future.

I was commuting on my Big Dummy yesterday and was thinking that I need to try the Anything Cage on one of the rear bottle cage mounts on the Dummy too.

Have fun at Interbike!!