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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

02 August 2011

spurred on by myths


We got fire we can't put out.

N___ brought a friend. Hard to top willing, not that y'all didn't know that already.

My Spy Boys full of fire.

Me Big Chief, I'm feelin good!

My Flag Boy, he just went by.

Me Big Chief, me got em tribe.

 much steeper/hotter than it looks.

Me whole tribe am havin fun.

We gonna [sit around the campfire and sleep in tents] till the morning come.

The last glider. Full(ish) of holes. I'm sorry to report that the vision of flaming Ghost Planes did not manifest as well as hoped for, but next time we'll soak them in bourbon and then light em up. Live and learn.

The continuum.

Pure class.

Not stoked to (do anything) take beers to the creek to cool.

Ride bikes, jump in creeks, repeat.


Juancho said...

I miss Hamm's!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Your butterfly wing flapping has caused a hurricane here in the F L.
There is talk of riding bikes to sleep outside amoung my candy ace crew. We will send HAMMS for every copyright infringement of your methods we deem payable. We will need your cell number, and you to learn a Hindi accent, and to be on call should someone need tech advice. That is all for now. Stand by for later trans-missions.

reverend dick said...

I find that if I place the tip of my tongue against the roof of my mouth to begin, and return it there after each syllable, well then I have the underpinnings of a very fine India Indian accent.

Please to not worry about having the right gear- just go do it.

Thank you. Come again.