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23 August 2011

...what do you do?

I took M___ out for a ride. He's a father/soccer coach guy, who moved here recentlyish and expressed interest in learning local trails. Mostly, I find myself with little to say to my "peer" group. I started in talking to him, initially, on account of his sweet Duluth pack (so don't kid yourself: your gear says things about you and your choices) and came to find out he's an inneresting guy. Used to work for the State D_________, and the United N_____s building armies (of all things to build) in A____a. So. Yes, I'm innerested in hearing his perspectives. That's not what I lik to build, but you get the point.

Last week we met at the elementary school, having dropped off our respective chirrens, and wandered up the hill to some close, above-board trails which are very easy to access and pretty tame. I thought it would be most useful to him, and I could get an idea of his competence/attitude/compatibility. Hey. The guy built armies. Who knows which way he jumps.

He jumps pretty sensibly, I think. Being a self-professored student of history meself, his views seem level-headed, if a little sharp-edged. This is not a place I care to engage in heated discussion of anything other than bikes, but I do feel it worth mentioning that this country seems to be heading (quickly) toward the edges, and I wish my children to have the skills needed to thrive. Less will be more.

Anyhow, today was Intro to Fort Ord. Mountain biking 101. It was a little dull. M___ is not a fast guy, or a techy guy, and has a crap bike. But (the most important but) he is willing. It was very like riding with the kids; a lot of slowing, waiting, calling turns, and picking smoother trails. I'll do it again. The conversation was worthwhile. Hopefully he picks up the hammer and starts swinging it himself, though, because I only have so much daylight to burn.

Sussing out new people is weird. Mostly, there's some filters already passed before you ride together; i.e. other folks' introductions, meetings on hard trails, etc.

NSFW audio, and poor video, but it's the only copy of this relevant recording of Louis CK (super comic- you should watch his show) I could pull up...

P.S. Astute readers who really pay attention have noticed the Paul's Thumbies I run (on 2 bikes) and have inquired as to their badassness. I reply: they are pretty bad ass. BUT (the 2nd most important but) you have to keep your housing clean if you expect them to index well with 9 speed. Haven't tried a 10 set-up. Yet. And, if you are too lazy to do this (keeping it clean) then don't expect real crisp friction shifts, either. Since the 9 (and presumably more so, the 10. Eff the 11) speed cassette cogs are so closely spaced, it is easy to misshift. Full stop.


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