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14 August 2011

I don't check for fools

None of this will make any sense at all at all unless you are hearing Ali Farka Toure...

It is a rare event that the Full Moon is clear here on the central coast. I'm sorry: I buggged you repeatedly/ you were "on Maui"/ 12 times a year (only, and, if you're lucky) is no reason for exciting involvement/ etc. Bottom line? Too bad you blew it.

Yeah, you.

When visibility is so crisp, contrast so sharp, you almost lose control from the sheer immediacy of moonlight...that's a ride worth taking. Sanitized Local Loop- allowing for time constraints and low level fitness- rounds out 29.6 miles, but it feels more like 29.8. All aboard? Solo night ride.

Who put the Tecate under the caprock? Who left the Hamm's? Baw bawbubaw. De dong de dong ding dang...


Lord Hayden said...

is cherry ride breddah, ya?

Johann Rissik said...

My sound of choice for the Namib ride was Hawa Dolo off the Heart of the Moon album.
This version blows it away, goosebumps and misty eyes kind of blow away.

msantos said...

i know i fuct up.....the picture of the hamms almost got me goin. you know i kept thinkin "what if" as i watched that moon creep through the giant pine tree in my yard. another opportunity missed. in a bit of a depression funk right now as the artificial school bell looms near. at least the sun's out today, and i'm about to crack my first beer.