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15 August 2011

drawing the admiring gaze of all who have eyes to see

After 2 nights chasing the moon (sol0! You losers don't even care if a mountain lion eats me) I am dragging.

Dragging my arse up the hills of Toro Park. I have to get those trails wired at some point if I have designs on poaching the to-be-annexed 672 acres off the East end for camping and such.

This is a picture of poor product placement. I hit a dip, my rear wheel hit the koozied beer and kicked it sideways. Who has 2 thumbs and forgets a shock pump?

Lucky it didn't burst.

Trail riding in Toro is confusing. There are the usual intersecting trails to who knows, but several of what are clearly heavily ridden thoroughfares are signed as "No bikes".

I assume these signs are in error.

I took the likely singletrack (Gilson?) to the West side of the main road and ended up climbing Olasson until I found myself at the saddle. Airplane Trail seemed the good line from there, and it kind of was. Badly hoofed up (the cattle are so pesty there- terracing countless trails across the fall line and shitting everywhere) but shaded and somebody is maintenancing it. There's even a nicely placed slat bridge. Dumped out at the old homestead to climb a little more Ollason until I made the mistake of getting involved with Redtail Canyon. whoa. Lots of little ring grinding hoping the next corner would top out. You get in so far you have to keep going? I do. Cougar Ridge wound me down. Bumpy. Sandy. Hottt.
I will return, but it was a bummer driving 20 minutes to go for a ride. These trails may be worth hitting via cross bike this winter, when it's smoothed out some, but.

Hey, Texas in the 1980s, I remember you.

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Gunnar Berg said...

"I assume these signs are in error."