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09 August 2011

uva uvam vivendo varia fit

Like to what Gus told Call.

So. This and that can get in the way of bike rides. I have found meself slipping into soft (sit a)roundness...Time to snap to; turn some pedals.

Remedied by taking some yout' dem out to Fort Ord a ride bikes, mon.

School starts on Wednesday!?! J______ and I rallied the grommet (that's insider code for "youth interested in bikes and willing to do ish work") and his buddy inna MTB style.

Those guys are 14ish, so the pace was a little bit rushy for J, but we worked it out.

The 2 knuckleheads were fun to ride with as they strained at the leash like pea-brained spaniels (I hates a bird dog) only to stack it up in the corners whenever they were turned loose. J and I brought up the rear to find one or both of them in a heap several times. They are not my kids, but it was a good Dad-type feeling to see them find their level and give each other ish.

I tried to find a line between Coach Knowitall and laissez faire- warned them at the top of 68 about that dangerously placed wooden barrier at the bottom, but otherwise let them make their own beds. We gave them plenty of rope on Mudhen Express (also made sure they know the proper and respectful name for that fine trail) and they hung themselves nicely; coming into the whoopdedoos waaaay too hot, and blowing by the overlook to, predictably, lose control in the sandy mess at the bottom there. I could hear (grommet friend) S___'s curses and lamentations about his ankle and a mazanita bush. This especially amused me as he had been very quiet in the presence of a strange adult thus far.

Foreground Rockhopper= grommet bike. Not a bad way to spend your summer earnings... Poopy Trek was too small for grommet friend, but he run what he brung with a smile. J's and my bikes fit and twerked perfectly.

I have replaced the creaky pop squeak squeak 952 cranks with the Surly Mr. Whirly. It is a crazy versatile crank. The spider can be switched to several different BCDs. Worth a look at Surly. If you're into that kind of thing. Heavy but seemingly durable. I'll let you know in 14 years how they have rated.

We called the hounds back up to the Caprock to show them 50 and give them their assignment- to ride down it and climb back up it while J and I, uh, waited.

Look at them GO!

I used the time constructively; i.e. checking the beer cave while the yout' dem were not around. I am many things, but stupid enough to show 2 (not my own) teens where I keep booze in the woods I am not. Anywho, the situation is grim under there. I suppose I have my mission.

The yout' dem were very well behaved and thanked me politely (several times) for taking them. Next time I'm gonna show them those trails in Pebble Beach so they have some access they can get to without having to bum a auto ride. Learn the boys up right, in the ways of riding your bike from and to your door and trail.

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Johann Rissik said...

'dem young 'uns are too smart. Did you swep your tracks away from the mouth of the beer cave? ;) Good one, Rev.