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21 August 2011

thank you for the opportunity

I'd rather have the Orville Crouch original, but it's nowheres on the interwebs I can find. Anyhow, anyway, if you can turn your nose up at this Buck Owens interpretation (HeeHaw was formative for me, and I admit it) then you're just feelin mean.

Lay before me another section of duff covered, intermittently bermed, occasionally rooted, perfectly paced singletrack. For it is the best in the land. I'll take my turn on the climb, and find that old peace of mind.

Dirt commutes are worthwhile. Ideally it would be swoopy downhill both ways, but we all know how it goes: up and down, up and down. Climbing on pavement is easier and makes time. Descending on pavement is easier and makes time. After work, it is some time to spend climbing on dirt, enjoying the lullingly painful climbs that put you out of your head, and the flats that allow you to return, and (but mostly?) the downhills- which require you to be right there and only there.


fatbob29r said...

How are you dig'n the Paul thumbie(s)... I'm sure you've written up a well thought out perspective, but I'm too lazy to do a search. I had some set up with very long throw Shimano DT shifters and the furthest throw was quite a challenge for my ridiculously small girl hands (no worries, my wife has man hands). Enjoy the commute!

reverend dick said...

Here's my write up: they're indestructibly fine.

I lik having a friction option. You can crash them and they still work. Gunk in the housing? Still work. Different cassette/derailer combos? Still work.

They aren't the smoothest shifts, or the most ergo, bu I'm used to them (since '89!) and they never don't work.