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24 August 2011

there's something else...

A wiki wiki wiki.

Sorry? No, really. Are you ready for the time of your Life? Seriously. I look at the clock, at the old clock on the wall, and it is almost time for cyclocross?!?

Duuuuuuuude. It is August!

Welp, the 1st race round these parts is CCCx #1, on Sunday, September 11th! Heck yes, that's real soon. D says he wants to race 14/unders this year. I support that. Whooo! I support that a lot. But, I'm a little concerned this means I may have to race as well, and I have the poor fitness.

And, plus, I have it on the poor authority that Surf City will step up this year again and as well- beginning October 30th. BAM! Perhaps some more Peak Season, too? You tell me.

I may have some work reschedulin' to do.

You may have some more Isley Bros to listen to.

Who wants to race?! Whooo! You know what they say about rubbing.


reverend dick said...

Isley Bros, foo!

Bump that ish.

Lord Hayden said...

guitar guitar guitar guitar