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28 August 2011

go native

How is a Sunday morning best spent? Clowns will waggle their red rubber noses over this for all time, but here at CotSRHQ, well, the answer is given.

It is some riding!

Today was the inaugural ride of the local juniors club (as per Carmel High), and it was an inauspicious event. 1 member of the club attended; this, in spite of the fact that one of my roommates is a (not the attending) member. Adding to the pungent mix was a duo of likely comers, S___ and D_____, fronting Carmel Middle School mightily armed with fierce determinations and special dispensation. J______ represented the Elementary as well as could be asked of a 20" in a 26" world. I won.

Wildly varying levels of speed and endurance make for a hucklebuck progression of fits and starts. We took the by now familiar route from Parker Flats Cutoff to the Caprock, via the New Stairs and Mudhen Express. D and J opted to remain at the Caprock while S and C and meself rode #50 to #49. The 2 of them hemmed and hawed when asked if they wanted to climb up some more (for some good DH payoff!) and I decided for them.

I decided we'd climb some more- they'll learn- and go get some from #82. You should have heard them fuss. Ruffled feathers on the top of the admittedly exposed/hot climb to #82. Wet hen style. Turned those frowns upside down with a speedy drop (including an exciting! crash for C).

I out-climbed them so's I could privately drink a beer from under the Caprock while they huffed and puffed their way up #50. CanNOT have the junior cycling club knowing everthing there is to know about that place...

On the return, all the little piggies opted for the road, but still demanded Blair Witch. I lik their style- pooped, but unwilling to allow that detail to derail the Fun riding. All in all, we: saw a fair number of people, found a 7" section of smoothly articulating, bleachy clean, snake spine (with many ribs still attached), followed wind-strewn pieces of shed snakeskin to a hole into which more shed skin disappeared, caught and handled a red Racer Snake, got musked by same, rope swang, bike rode, and picnicked.

Maybe it was auspicious...I try to foster the possibles with these kids. Thinking of the P_____ V_____ High guys' overnight tour to Monterey, thinking of backcountry to and beyond Arroyo Seco, putting bugs in their ears...


Lord Hayden said...

Thought you worked Sundays? L Jewford and I were out for a spin of the wheels this afternoon, could have swung by and told those kids some dead baby jokes.

Have you been on the other side of Barloy towards the bench/christmas tree/owl scare spot? Place is razed and way less fun/bumpy. Progress.

msantos said...

that's pv high.....recognize. kb's tryin to plan a full moon campout for the high schoolers around oct 1. ride to state beach campsite w/gear, negative tide in the evening, ride beach under moon. maybe you can bring up the chs contingent.

supposedly some of these santa cruz folk are plannin a cyclocross race at pv high school this fall, make sure you mark down that one.

we need a team too. it'd be fun just to go to a couple races and watch some kids compete.

reverend dick said...

No bookings.

Dead baby jokes is the kind of positive role modelling of which these wayward youfs are most in need.

Y'all responsible for the Simple(ton) Times Lager? That is some yeasty canned badness right there. Especially warm.

No, I haven't been over to that corner for some time. I'd say too bad, but. Maybe reread some Ed Abbey instead.

reverend dick said...


CCCX #1 on September 11th. Ord.

Consider your face slapped with a stinky cycling glove.

Gunnar Berg said...

"...a hucklebuck progression of fits and starts.' :-)

Lord Hayden said...

I should say the owly bench is still the same as it was, but those official(ly closed) doubletrack trails right off of barloy by the bunkers are smoothed and all of the scrub gone. Makes it seem really slow w/o the bush going by.

Or at least that's what I imagined it would be like from my view on the legal trails.