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09 November 2010

Don't dance near the chemicals!

Punk Rock=DIY.

So last weekend was the high school kids' tour from an undisclosed school in W_____ville. I rode out to the Ord in order to cheer them on and provide some small measure of the heraldry requisite for such a fine entourage.

I just think that's so great. These kids (are in the bicycle maintenance class(!), and many of them had put together their own rigs from the frame up. I just think that's so great) aren't using power meters or elecktrinkal shifters and they don't care how PRO your kit may be, they are just riding their bikes a long damn way and doing it for days.

The 2 brave souls chaperoning this trip are fucking heroes. MS, KB- good looking out. For real, guys. It's one thing to take one's own children on kick-ass adventures, but a whole other higher level thing to agree (knowingly) to the inevitable headaches and hassles of shepherding other people's kids on multi-day journeys to bad-assery. Y'all are making the future.

And, plus- speaking of Punk Rock, what with bike touring on the brain lately, these fine bags from Tauro Leather are worth the looking. I like them.


houvenagle said...

I wouldn't mind putting stuff in them there bags.

Also worth a look over at [RIVENDELL]...I use the Sackville medium on my back and a Sackville small on my bars, though techincally a rear bag as well. As you were.

Ryan said...

Mark the date as t-minus 1 month to CX Nationals for the last time in a while n the west coast in Bend, OR. Make your reservations to casa de sperring at

reverend dick said...

I'm gonna miss that one, The Sperring, whyn't you come down here and we can ride over to Rolling Thunder?