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14 November 2010

speak when spoken

This has been stuck in my head since Berg posted the unexpected and killer version by Wayne the Train and Brian Setzer. Who would have put the steel guitar in there? Wow.

Now it can be stuck in yours.

I like this: rew10 is big in Japan, I guess. I like it a lot

Ahem. If you ride around town getting drinky and end up at (or begin) at Alfredo's you're pretty much guaranteed an interesting time. The lights are low, the jukebox is good, and if you purchase the 1st one, you can pour yourself further shots of Wild Turkey under the table from that bottle in your pocket. Watch out though, this will make Segovia's damn hard to get to.

Or, if you'd rather have something else jammed in your ear:

CA uber alles. Suck on winter, you.

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Fxdwhl said...

i wore out my DK tapes and half expected the youtube version to get all worbbly at the same spots.