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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

10 November 2010

...if everthing passes, what's passed remains.

I been feeling blue. Not riding. It's been rainy. Increasing grumpiness, creeping dis-ease.

Today I went for a ride. I performed some beneficial feats of combined engineeringickal thinking and strength to clear trail. I had a beer for lunch.

Shortly after putting wheels to dirt, my head opened up and the problems that had been concerning me were revealed to have other (better) possible responses than I'd been considering. Next, I was able to be right there right then for the skiddy rear wheel drifts all over those bumps and swales on a skinny unfolding of tacky dirt in between trees; right then right there for the point it and rip it. I love riding bikes, and I love big tyres.

When I got home, I rolled my IT bands and worked on the tennis ball.

I feel better now.

That is all.


Gunnar Berg said...

Large tyres with a proper set of mudguards are quite nice.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I've been blue and grumpy, and Today, a lot opened up, releasing tensions a bit and making the trail look a bit clearer, although I haven't been riding enough.

Mmmmm, wheels to dirt...

Gunnar Berg said...

I stumbled on information this morning that I need to share. Mudguard in Italian is "parafango", literally "for mud".

reverend dick said...

What is the Italian for tyre, Signore Anglophile?

Lord Hayden said...

I believe it's something like this:

Pneumatico bello. Andiamo a ogle alcune donne!

Tom said...

Wow, I did not expect to be rocking out for 8 minutes when I got to this post. Gotta love Talking Heads.

reverend dick said...

All I want is to breathe.

This whole show is FUCKING AMAZING.