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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

24 November 2010

Give Thanks!

Health. MY FAMILY. BOBA FET.Food. clean water. Friends like these. Bikes. Singlespeeding. beer. Fat tires for all my friends. the hunt. warmth. ass. the good stuff... RED. GOLD.GREEN. Fresh Produce. things that are fun. woods. blood, blood, blood- blood and fire. Grace Jones. bikes. humor. HEART. Al Green. strange fascinations. wool. EARTH. fenders. coffee. poaching. THE TOUCH. plaid. the heavy heavy monster sound. clarity. the wind at your back. groundation. John Ford. light. the cool kids. bad roads. dark. moonlight. blankets. the highest region. feathers. bikes. buckles. Viva Terlingua! dogs and cats, living together. steel. the quickness. keeping a weather eye. community. heckling! COTSR. whiskey- corn and/or rye. the secret lair. LIGHTWEIGHT TOURING. sweat. sweet. buttons. HANDS. fiction. friction. LOVE. loooong rides. that swing. sight. ___________. bikes. leather. might as well suffer...

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