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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

31 July 2011

for adult intellectuals only

Here is some photos of this last go round. From the camera/phone of M. A. S_____...

Trails to leave town.

We became separated, necessitating a note:

The fire road reveals itself.

Camp life. S_____'s bike with Jet Fire glider.

My bike with Jet Fire glider.

T___'s bike. Same set up as Coe trip.

Wood burning breakfast...


Pack it up, pack it in.

I got a knife here in my pocketbook, and I'm gonna cut you up after class!

We'd found an abandoned raft in the strainers, and cut the body away to create the Slippery Stallion. A man's ride. Challenging to keep from spilling your beer whilst in the saddle.

Preparing for the day's swimming.

A welcome and familiar vista. We return triumphantly tomorrrow for another overnight. I hope we can pick up some gliders on the way...


fatbob29r said...

Interesting seat post rack on "T__'s" bike.... more details on this please. Thx.


reverend dick said...

It is a set of chainstays with a clamp on one end and a bridge on t'other. Soulcraft built, but I think it's a one-off. Pretty neat.