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28 July 2011

creating a disturbance in your mind

First, a great big HELLO (welcome!) to those of y'all that found this site (at, say for example, 6am) by searching for "big black asses smut pictures" or "how to ride your man if you're fat". I feel better than ever about the internet in general, and strangers in particular.


That there is information you can use. It is packed so full. The style tips alone are gold.

Lastly, we rode some bikes on some trails and then a long hot way on roads (punctuated by stops under bridges to cool our feets and drink our beerses) only to end up on more trails leading to a campout site. That is called "having a Good Time." It was the usual Summer retreat- no pictures cuz I have left my phone at work and I'm not going back in til I have to.

If you were not there, you were square.

And, if you are nominated as Dummy of the Year (again) you know it's because you are not doing this type of thing. Sorry the Truth hurts. For really reals.

I came away from this 90-odd miles in 2 very odd days with some new thoughts. The next time I take the kids out there we are bringing (in addition to a rope swang) several balsa wood gliders, a lighter, 3 BB guns.


Gunnar Berg said...

You'll put your eye out.

fatbob29r said...

Yeah, but where are the big black asses?

Juancho said...

I want to be one of your kids. I don't eat much.