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11 July 2011

relive the awful drama

Sorry I almost crashed your boyfriend. I get carried away. It was done out of love.

Doin it and doin it and doin it. Well? I took the truck to Parker Flats, got out, saddled up, and rolled over to Toro Park in an attempt to decipher that area.

It was funny peculiar being so fresh at all the familiar loop points. Looking towards Toro...

No stops except to hide a cache along the way. I did not know what kind of time frame to expect...

On entering Toro Park, I came across the Specialized circus. (Why do I not know about this?) Must have been a press event? Lots of folks from overseas. I found out quick the way not to climb, and then climbed according to their routing to avoid downhill riders.

Climb climb climb. I climbed until I knew I was going to blow my time allotment for the day, and, disappointed, turned around to head down to return to my obligations. Not even close to the top out at 1,800'. I hid some beers behind an oak for next time. Then I got a flat. The only person to ask if I needed anything was an Aussie (good on yer, mate?) All the other "PROfessionals" passed by as though a bike hung in a tree missing it's front wheel is not a cause for concern/consideration/a glance. Am I the only one who follows the cyclist's code ( always ask a fellow who is down if he needs anything is a portion)? Aside from the Aussie, I mean.

Always ask a fellow who is down if he needs anything.

I missed Anza to head back to the close entrance to the Ord. I ended up entering at Terrace Creek Trailhead, which used to just be a dirt pull-out and we IDed it as the CHP side, but is now a double winged paved parking arena complete with fancy bathrooms?!? It's been years since I been over there, and it spooked me. The climb up was familiar enough, but I soon began taking trails which felt like one thing but were revealed as another. They headed the right direction, only to arc back and deposit me where I'd begun. My freshness had faded. The sand is getting deep out there as Summer waxes.

I was lost in Fort Ord. 2 times today!

That's a bitter pill. Lost, tired, and flaking on an appointment because of it. Not the best mindset for (anything) enjoying a ride. Eventually, the way was clear to me, and I made the best I could of it.

Anyhow, Toro is in bounds now. I would really like to step this up to transition into scoping the backside for camping opportunities, if nothing else. I'm thinking Toro is too cow-pocked and straight down the fall line for cross bikes to be the best tool. This is not ideal, because getting there without cars is important. Seems like more squish (however you get it) is needed. I don't especially love that.

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Fahzure said...

Maybe with your bike hanging in a tree(with those bars) and wearing no lycra, they thought you were an artist...not a bad reading. In which case, they should have stopped for the bicycle art...wankers.