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23 July 2011

fast and loose

Uh huh.

I got a broken face.

Playing with the Truth will do that. Fixed offroad. Night riding with a headlamp? Well, yes. Can't say as I recommend it. The gimme Night Rider that I was handed down did quickly develop charging issues, so I just run what I brung. Can't say as I recommend leading with your chin when dropping in either. That manzanita is real forgiving until it's not. I have scrapes inside my mouth. My gums are scratched?

I'm a grown ass man.


Gunnar Berg said...

Heal well, my friend.

Lord Hayden said...

It couldn't have happened to a less neatly-chiseled, well-groomed, drop dead handsome face

Robert H said...

More importantly, how is the bike?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Get better, and post pics of yer mug and the scene of the crime please

reverend dick said...

Bike is fine.

So am I. Looking, I mean. Neatly chiseled, well groomed, fall-off-your-bike handsome.

No photos, but the scene was your standard rolling maritime chaparral. No technical features of which to speak.

Lord Hayden said...

Technically, a pint of booze is a technical feature.

reverend dick said...