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20 July 2011

Oh, the humanity

Lady came in today and haggled and haggled and then wanted 10% off for life.

"We're spending a lot of money here. Oh, you can do this. Come on. You can do this. You can. You can do this." A little sing song of avarice. I wanted to slap her so badly.

What? The? F?

No. She wasn't crazy. That would have been much more tolerable.


Johann Rissik said...

Spare a thought for those who may be in a close relationship with her.

reverend dick said...

Man, I'm pretty sure they'd like her slapped as well.

Silk Hope said...

Rev I have been in sales all my life. Here is how to handle this. Tell her no (really mean it) and then walk away. If she persues you look at her and tell her that it just became 20% more.

Then just wait for the expression on her face, it will be priceless I promise.

Mr. Hope

reverend dick said...

So, no slapping?

I am at a loss as to this mindset. She had already asked for (and received)a significant discount on the price of the bike, as 2012s are coming out. Then she just kept pushing. I'm thankful it wasn't me assisting her, I would have lost it. It was hard enough to hear it from behind the work-stand.

I don't usually link to other websites since I figure we all look at the same stuff mostly, but the clowns at Surly have it down. Thinking specifically of the line referring to bike shops not wanting to rip you off, only to stay in business.

I could, and did, write a whole post on the importance of supporting your local bike shop.

Juancho said...

That list is solid gold.

Silk Hope said...

He had a lot of time on his hands I guess.....But it was very good!

Next time that lady show up, call me. I'll take care her. I HATE entiteled Bitches. Remember I live in the "OC" I'm surrounded by them, Arrrrgggg.

Human Wrecking Ball said...
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Human Wrecking Ball said...

I was in sales for years. I used to work with this sage dude that was a lifer. He used to say:
"Every so often, you gotta teach someone a lesson just to retain your humanity."
I can remember telling an impossible customer that we no longer wanted his busness. The look on his face was priceless. It's tough to do if you want to make a living, but you never make money off of people like her....send her down the line.

Silk Hope said...

See Rev you got two. Human Wrecking ball and Me. NO is a very powerful word.

reverend dick said...

I am not an owner, just a simple wrench/floor geek. My hands are somewhat tied in relation to how far I can push the bounds of "the customer is always right."

I think that one might have been more than I could stand though.