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17 July 2011

what every parent NEEDS to know

I had a fine time at the semi-annual Windjammer Classic Invitational Bicycle Race and Scrimshaw Competition.

Beginning at Brady's with a shot of Old Crow and a cold can of beer while some gal from the hairdresser's next door wanders over in her plastic hair bag and gown for a drink while her hair gets did...boded well. Drinking beers and riding hard, both on and off-road, is where it's at. If you're into fun.

I totally won the stage from Branciforte to Casalegno's.

Of course, things will deteriorate. Chasing all the suspension laden fat bikes down the singletrack was exciting! The creeping sundown under the redwoods only added to the over-all sense of urgency.

Then Captain Jim Skinner began the jukebox ABBA.

Favorite moment? The super tanked yahoo at the table to our left, who yelled "Hey biker-guys?! You lose!" as he gave us not 1, but, 2 hearty thumbs' down.

Also, the Full Thunder Moon did not appear according to schedule. Oh sure, it put in a token appearance for the Windjammer- over the Pacific as we sat and ate our greasy drive-in veggie burger/onion rings on a bench overlooking the ocean- but the main event having been scheduled for last night was determinedly overcast. After shining like a beacon all day, the sky became increasingly cloudy as the FNG (fuckingnewguy) and meself (where were you?) dropped that sweet singletrack in the increasing gloom of sprinkly fog.

I will limit my editorializing to this:People. Drink lots of water. I have seldom witnessed such a complete and instant crumble as that shown by the FNG. Heroic and hilarious. Dehydration is a killer. But, he never complained. Not one time. Despite several (and escalating) outbursts of frustration with his form/endurance/clumsiness, he never complained. I listened to it all while knowing that I still had to ride up and over after all that.

Not that I'm complaining.


Gunnar Berg said...

You post some great music .... sometimes.

blackcatbicycles said...

on the take a chance video the piano dude starts bouncing on his seat at 1:27 and the whole stage kinda starts shaking. or maybe it was the whole world 'cause that song rules.

fng made the best with what he had (nothing), and turned into something (vomit). commendable.

reverend dick said...

Not THAT FNG. That guy bought his ticket upon arriving at home and continuing his party ways. (Finish at the Windjammer. Barf at home.)

This FNG fell out all over the park by Embassy Suites, after hitting his wall in the Ord.

Poor editing on my part leads to confusing confessions.

Also, bikeparty sleepover next Monday night at Arroyo Seco!

blackcatbicycles said...

too many fng's,
not enough seasoned pros.

reverend dick said...

Take a chance on me...