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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

19 July 2011


It has been brought to my attention that the Interbike is to be held in September, such that it would conflict with the White Rim Overnight. Being as how that ride kinda sorta has to be coincidental with the Full Harvest Moon.

Maybe we can reschedule for the Full Beaver Moon, on November 10th? Or something?

And, plus this Tour day France is exciting! I have been to the mountain and come back jaded, but Thor(!) and my little Frenchman T. Voeckler are really turning 2011 into some believable fun. Hot bike on bike action and all that.


Gunnar Berg said...

The TdF without drugs is really exciting!

irishpunk59 said...

not to mention Thor will crush, then does

scottydugster said...

Go Voeckler, shame he lost time today.

Silk Hope said...

Remember Rev Interbike is in Vegas. It is perfect for you....Fear, loathing and all

Come to think about it you do remind me of Hunter S. Thompson.

Fahzure said...

Which date? How about doing it the psychologically and physically fast way: counterclockwise, start at the bottom of the Schaffer trail, empty; pickup your gear at the top; off to Mineral; Murphy's is the only other climb; party at the bottom of Schaffer.

reverend dick said...

I need more wholeness than that.

Plus, I lik to party at the top of Schaffer, again at the bottom, some more along the way, and hate everthing on the way up Mineral Bottom.