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11 July 2011

it's the motion

It is with heavy livers and achy heads that we send one of our submarines to the northerly trails of Santa Rosa...

Look at him. Wincing like a little girl. That's how I'll always remember M___. Quick would you rather: crash into a thicket of poison oak at speed or have a hematoma?

remember Sleaze Otter V?

M___'s answer was that he'd rather take off all his clothes and rub it on his balls while eating some as well. That seems a little hyperbolic, but he is the one with the semi-permanently crimped side, so I'll limit my comment to "Try breaking a rib, bitch." and hand him a 1/2 drunk beer.

Good on you, Brother. I hope the wine industry gives you just as many licks as the bike industry. I hope to darken your door and poopoo your trails sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, here is David Lindley as recommended by someone from the interwebs summing it up for all of us...