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01 March 2009

No parking, baby.

Lately it has been nooks and crannies whispering to me of their potential for linking trails. Fort Ord is a bit of a bummer East Garrison side, given the ongoing devastation/construction. That's too bad, but it's been coming for a while now and it's past time to find other options. Other options are around if we take the time and effort to seek them (witness the sneaky stuff off the top of Veteran's that M____ and I breezed through last Fall). Often, like you, I find myself unconsciously following my normal routes and not even seeing the faint spurs that lead off someplaceIvaguelyrecallwasn'tasfun or whoknowswhere. In that mode I cannot even see how ________'s Ridge could very well provide a dirt access to ___en____ Road because I am head down on the usual, just "getting there".

One of the things I lik so much about riding the bikes is not thinking. JRA doing nothing but being riding. Without getting any more hocus pocus about it, it is refreshing to simply flow with no thoughts in the head. No thoughts about work or what's for dinner or etc. That is the Good Stuff.

But. It is not conducive to finding new trails. Later, after I find these new trails, I will Just Ride Along them. For now, I find myself peering around with different eyes in an attempt to squeeze a little more potential out of this area. I should mention that this exploration is best done alone (for several reasons) and it requires a willingness to ride "trails" that are questionable in every sense of the word.

The rain is back with a vengeance, so I will put these up as a visual reminder of how nice it can be:

Looky looky. That is the Pacific Ocean out there.

That is the rear of my bike right there, in front of the overlook on the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and a fastfood restaurant table for 2 that someonenotme hauled up there. I was riding along examining the liminal areas typically swept right by, and decided to take that one faint hint of a trail...

It is a nice spot to have a beer and watch the sunset.

No parking on the dance floor, baby.

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