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12 March 2009

Perhaps you aren't riding the bikes as much as you could wish

It may be that, through no fault of your own you are stuck inside doing things like looking at the computer.

Cut it out.

Go ride.

Zing. Bang. Zip.

If that just is not possible, then you are most likely watching Westerns. Yes, that is a nice runner up activity. Have you watched Shalako yet?

Hey! Sexy foreign high class dames, including Brigette Bardot! ( hubba hubba) Sean Connery as a badass frontiersman fighting Woody Strode (yes. He played the negro archer in The Professionals) as the impetuous son of the leader of a band of bloodthirsty savages.

And, it is written by Louis L'Amour! For them that don't know, Louis L'Amour is arguably the finest writer in the western genre, the finest of all genres. Certainly the most prolific. He has peopled my dreams since boyhood with larger than life working men who saw something that needed doing- and did it.

That's good stuff.

Also, it has been drawn to my attention by an unnamed source that:

the source of that crazy sound we all thought was thunder echoing off the hills? Pipe bomb.


Gunnar Berg said...

It was 2 degrees below zero this morning with high winds. Riding is not an option for me, though people do. I know what you're thinking...Why? Because it's worth the winter wait to live here in the summer. Really.

reverend dick said...

You must watch a lot of westerns. I also recommend: Hombre, Hondo, Rio Bravo(the best of the Rios), The Searchers, Cowboy (Jack Lemmon and Glenn Ford!awesome), the original 3:10 to Yuma , The Comancheros, Paint Your Wagon,and especial por tu, Gunnar: Jeremiah Johnson, with all it's winter.

Can't Mr. Kvale produce some lugged Pugsleyish snowbike with friction downtube shifters and internal cable routing? Perhaps a dynohub powered saddle blanket...

Little_Jewford said... this post directed at me and a certain lord? But I don't ride enough...gotz to get on it more day to day, no doubt about that. I've got no excuse.

On the later tip, I actually felt and heard the bomb and we are a couple of blocks away. Thought it was an car accident or a transformer...wild stuff!

reverend dick said...

LJ- anything YOU take away from this is yours alone. I am not your conscience, just words on a screen.
And, apparently, you don't ride enough.