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04 March 2009

kick em when they're up, kick em when they're down

Rhus diversilobum

Took that shinyish newish old bike out in the torrent today. (I am weary of the rain.) Rolled those 28s right off the streets and into the woods. Lots of sinking and slipping. Some sliding. Several big trees down right now, as those Monterey Pines just fold right over in a storm with their shallow roots. I don't have the saw for them. What sawing I could do I did. Beat the hell out of lots of poison oak; back on that plan. If you take a stick (of not-poison-oak) and swing it, you can lop the tops right off. Clearing trail for days when it will be fun to ride.

I make it sound like it wasn't fun, but who am I kidding? Being out in it is being out in it=Good.

It is definitely self-tent weather, and I used the Carradice waxed cotton Duxback poncho to good effect in the trees. Hard to beat for comfort when coupled with wool underneath. Hard to stay upright if there is serious wind and it is not ezzackly aerodynamic. Choose your weapon for the specifics of the field, I guess. None of the Gore __________(insert whichever model is current when) stuff keeps me dry for an extended period, and I end up overheating and sweating like mad in my personal sauna suit. Also, the self-tent is quiet- not crinkly. And plus, I look like a hobo and that is always a bonus.

Rolled out of the woods and into the town...stopped at the store for ingredients(and I will point out that the semisweet chips were $1.99 right next to the Vegan chips for $2.99, and both "may contain milk" as they are produced in a factory, etc...but the only listed ingredient difference was that the "vegan" chips had dehydrated cane juice instead of sugar) for these vegan "brownies" , and then it was home again to make the goods with N after school. She wanted cupcakes this time-complete with the vegan frosting of melted chocolate chips whipped with Silken firm tofu...we also left OUT the almond extract, reduced the sugar by 1/3, and reduced the cayenne(!) by 1/2 on account of how my kids are soft . But to each their own...If you make them you will be happy with the result. Full stop.

Also: Softy Newton is coming to town this weekend, from the wide open singletrackless (well, mostly) desert of Southeastern Utah, and I am putting out feelers to those innerested in dragging a hard man around so's we can show him up on trails we know the ins-and-outs of. He foolishly declined to bring his cross bike, so he will pay the price on his little bitty wheels...if that puts you in mind of some looong slogs involving plenty of quality road sections mixed in with suhweet singletrack. I know it does me.

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