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30 March 2009

thank Jehovah for kung-fu bicycles and Priscilla Presley

Although you can ride a bicycle that it built out of a pile of money, it is impractical. I lik to look at Fixed Gear Gallery (yes, still) but I wish they would allow comments. I see why it would be a bad idea when I look at sites that are only forums for bitching using bikes as a pretext (no, uh, this is not oneof those). Sometimes I want to tell the submitter, "Hey! You really did that bike a favor by refurbishing it and now it is being ridden again. Yay!" and other times I want to not comment because it is some me too, bullhorn POS with bright deep dish wheels and no brakes. Boo. Some are just a bunch of expensive parts held together with a bike in there somewhere.

In my experience, shiny new parts will dull with use and paint will chip, bubble or crack with the rider still stoked? I lik fancy parts as much as you. Lighter, more refined, even shinier or in a nice pink or tweed. What I really lik, though, is well used bikes.


Fxdwhl said...

guilty viewer too. cringe everytime. often more than once. you'd think after seeing so many trainwrecks you'd be desensitized, but you're not.

Gunnar Berg said...

"...a bunch of expensive parts held together with a bike in there somewhere..."
I like that. I gotta couple of 'em. What's worse is them there parts is old and hard to replace. I ride'em all summer, then take'em apart and spit-shine'em and touchup during the loooong winter, just to keep from going even crazier. And even worse is the vintage wooden runabout being stored in the neigbor's garage. A putzer's dream that is.

Pricilla Presley?