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03 March 2009

I say "awesome", you say "cool"? Ready?

Super Power Ranger AWESOME! There're more sets behind it, but you can take a pull at the front, too...I get tired out here in the wind while you sit on.

Really Cool!

Those are amazing bikes from the NAHBS'09. I wish I'd magically appeared at the show whenever was convenient for me, and had easy access to beer, and there was sweet riding right outside, and it was sunny and warm, and I could magically appear back at home with all the things I likked (like the incredible sculpted chainguard, the lace-up Berthoud pannierrrrrrrs and perhaps Rick Hunter's personal all day road bike). Sorry for me my friend, it wasn't that way. You prolly wish stuff like that, too. but you can at least go look.

I saw Keith Anderson's bullshit kid bike with the non-adjustable seatmast (WTF?! 1)children grow 2)I hate and despise a seatmast because it is so ugly and 3)_uck a "showbike" that "showcases" stuff but isn't useful- contrast it with the dirty and used bikes, them I lik) and all I can think about is...the ducky.
Mysterious B___ S_____, you heard?


Fxdwhl said...

honestly, I've gotten bored trolling thru page after page of flickr. know what i'd like to see, a domesticly built line of surlys. ride'm for a year, then show'm filthy and stratched up, and they'd be more interesting than another ti carbon early 401k payout bike. boutique is played out.

Gunnar Berg said...
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reverend dick said...

I hear you.
Still, there is some cool (awesome!) stuff buried in there. I am happy to see the focus continue to be randoneur/constructueresque versus the truly humdrum carbon-fiber-me-too-breakable-lite-low-clearance-race-specific big brand stuff.
And come on...those lace up panniers are disturbingly interesting.

Fxdwhl said...

no doubt, they'd cost more but i still think a small shop with a couple of builders could easily find some economy in cranking out sound tough as nails bikes.

did you see the front rack for portaging wine bottles? now that is ingenious!

Lord Hayden said...

Whenever I look at the bike my friend ZR built, I think not of carrying cargo but of scooping up fat pedestrians, cow-catcher stylee.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the mysterious B_____ S_______ aside, (because otherwise all energy would be sucked into his mysterious and dedicated/hardcore truth vacuum), the whole NAHBS has beCOME sort of jack-off fest. The solutions(!?!) are answers to ridiculous questions (eg. how will I get these bottles of wine home?...Drink them first watch the glass break splendidly as is crashes amongst the recyclables...then enjoy the ride!) Right...honestly. Who wants a bike like this: or this: Oh yeah, and btw I want a wooden rimmed dually: You know I could masturbate all day long to the esoteric bullshit that only Lance and a handful of plastic surgeons could buy, but why? The end times have come and gone. How about real bikes for real people. Simple, durable, does what the owner needs. Maybe even DONE BY THE OWNER/RIDER. Now that's a bike show. The most interesting elements from this year's NAHBS have been the elegant solutions to everyperson's problems:
Rev.: this is a call to action!
Show us what you got!

reverend dick said...

Funny you should say that. Because I was inspired to go dig out various parts and bits to cobble together an elegant beater of my own.
Those fender inserts are spectacular in their subtlety.

That ZR bike would scoop up a fat ped, but then you'd be stuck with them. To be truly efficient it needs to slot them to the side.