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25 March 2009

at some point I'd like to get hold of a child...tutor it in the ways of righteousness

Brown Lunch, bicthes!

Yep. Like you read about.

J______ is out of school this week for teacher development, so we are hoboing like the good ol days. Those cans have been stashed out there under some bushes waiting for just such an opportunity since, oh, Fall 2007?

Well, they're minestrone. No wonder they've lasted. If it hadn't been so long that I forgot they weren't lentil soup they'd still be out there. We made it slightly more palatable by wiping the cans off real good and adding fresh mache, roasted cashews, and leftover hashbrowns from breakfast. I loaded mine up with some Tabasco as well.

It was pretty windy today, so we dug a little hollow out for our twig fired feast.

We velocached some, too. J liks hiding the "packages."

Town&Country biking around here. Country gentlemen out for a ramble.

The turkeys were out today! We saw 4 separate groups.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Just a couple of cowboys out wranglin turkeys.

Just like in the movies.

Jonny Hamachi said...
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A23 said...

I gotta tell you man, I dig your style of fathering.

reverend dick said...

Thanks, fellas.

Kids need to know.

grommet said...

Are those "Mary Bars" on that LHT. I needs me a gentlemen's bike lik that.

reverend dick said...

No, those are Nitto Northroad bars (gettable thru QBP). You do need one.