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22 March 2009

I made up my mind

Mack the Knife feels like a ghost story to me. If you lik ghost stories, you can do no better than Tim Powers' Last Call. That is a great one.


Gunnar Berg said...

I happen to see Ernest Tubb perform at a rundown roadhouse(Kernie's Night Club)when he must have been in his eighties. His voice was lower, like a bucket full of gravel, and the waltz got slooower. But damned if it was't more effective and almost bluesy.
(You guys got roadhouses? Most are gone here in Minnesota, but rural Wisconsin is still gottem every 5 miles apart on the old highways. But I digress.)

reverend dick said...

Nah, there's no roadhouses around here. Norma Jean's fag bar in Castroville is the roadhousiest around, but Ernest Tubbs probably wouldn't be such a big draw there. Supposedly great drag shows. We need to get a ride
together to head out there, it would be a great Full Moon ride...
But I, too, digress.

Tom said...

What's a roadhouse? I googled it and all that came up was Patrick Swayze.

reverend dick said...

That'll do, Tom.

My very 1st date with my wife was Roadhouse at the $1 theater. You cannot fake that kind of class.

Gunnar Berg said...

Tom, You lie. I Googled "roadhouse wisconsin" and got 170,000 hits.