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24 March 2009

shoot his right profile

So D_____ is watching all my old westerns. I found out about this when I walked into the "playroom" (the drywalled and carpeted garage, half of which is kid play and half bike room for papa play) and he was watching Red River.

"Are you watching Red River?", I said.
"Yeah.", said the boy.
"Why?", I said. Now, this is not as foolish a question as it may appear- because how did he know about Red River? and it is in black and white, and there're no spaceship chases or lasers or flying wizards or animated whatevers, etc. It is a kickass western from 1948! Howard Hawks' 1st western starring John Wayne, Montgomery Clift (in his 1st movie role), Walter Brennan...
"Because it's cool.", said the boy.

And that was true.

He has since watched The Searchers (my personal favorite, and which I warned him was sad and which he later thought was "not so sad. Everbody dies though. And those indians were not very nice.") and True Grit ( he said he recognized the guy who played Rooster Cogburn), but The Cowboys is out of it's case and presumed lost. He will be starting on Hang 'em High, A Fistful of Dollars, etc. soon.

That's one apple that landed pretty close.


Jonny Hamachi said...

If life was only....

just like that.

Hey Blondie?
Bwah nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah.

Gunnar Berg said...

God, I love that kid. Oh, that I had a boy too.