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23 March 2009

what makes the mens go crazy

When a saddle , uh, fits so nice.


After. Much better.

I spent some time polishing these rivets on Sunday, while riding with some real people (vs. you pretend internet beings) in the new-to-me Henry Coe State Park (the largest in CA). Camping is allowed, so I was checking it out with that in mind whenever I could look beyond my front wheel. It will get HOTTT out there soon enough, but right now the flowers are just coming up and it is magic. There is plenty of opportunity for polishing your rivets there. Especially the one on the nose of your saddle. I have seldom balanced on my taint for such exquisitely drawn out periods of steep climbing, but the traction was perfect and- well, what are you gonna do?

for comparison's sake

It did bring home to me that my saddle position of dead level (which is my preferred set up on the bikes) was not doing me any favors in the posterior, given the sag inherent in the system. Of course, I made long mental checklists during every prostate busting effort. Of course I forgot them completely whenever we stopped and I could've done something about it.

This was the 3rd time since last summer that I've ridden this bike. It was fun. I knew I needed gears, and front suspension was recommended to me by those who know. I only have one other geared "mountain" bike right now, and it is the Kampe Monkey all set up rigid and dropped barred. I did not want to ride it on "steep" stuff, so I pulled the rear wheel off the Big Dummy, and yanked the front rotor off the Big Dummy and hastily made the Blur rideable. It is a fun bike, if a little much for 98% of what is around here locally. I lik the (rigid) hardtails most of all, but it is good to switch it up.

My real friends made fun of me (again) for my alternative needs bars. I'll tell you though, they are swell. I am going to sell my Jones Bars and replace them with these, I think. Let's see, at current retail the Jones are somewhere around...$500 US!

That is fucking ridiculous.

These On One Mary bars are in the neighborhood of $50 US. The feel is very similar, and I find I seldom use the forward extensions on the Jones bars. If you have wrist issues or are smart, I recommendo.

I don't know about you, but over here the Eater Bunny is kicking Santa's ass but good. Hopefully, he is hopping down the trail to your town soon.


Fxdwhl said...

I point my wtb's up to keep me in that happy little valley they have. works much better than it looks.

Santa lingers still, down in the 20's tonight with furnace rumbling away.

Tom said...

I point the B17 up ever-so-gently. I don't understand why that works but it does.

Cold and rainy is the trend up here, with tantalizing interludes of beautiful.

D____ G___ said...

people buying $500 bars would also have no problem with $750 saddles. Wait! Just reduced to $670!

Crazy fuckers.

Gunnar Berg said...

Selle Italia:
"We do not just make saddles, we create them."


Anonymous said...

i personally am fond of the sweet baby jesus in the lower left of the holiday knife fight picture. what is the sweet baby jesus eating?
a mud pie?
a shoe?

Anonymous said...

oh, i guess that's the lower right.
sweet, sweet baby jesus.

reverend dick said...

Sweet toofed Baby Jesus. He is taking Santa's side; aiding and abetting by eating a chocolate Eater Bunny ear.

Which sort of makes sense in that he is holding up the birth/life end of things, but also sort of creepy in that he is denying the Resurrection angle by taking up ,er, ears against the Eater angle. and plus he looks like a zombie.

Now we are both in hot water for blaspheming, Anonymous. Thanks a lot.

I am heartily sorry...