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09 March 2009

Ring the alarm!

Another ride is calling.

Full Worm Moon*, (tomorrow) Tuesday March 10th!

Get your bike in order (don't forget your shoes/helmet/gloves) and get yourself to the corner of Parker Flats Cutoff around dark(~7pm). You will not need a light. We are serious about this one, people. A little longer (at least over #82), a little funner (climbing via #49 to The Grind and back down #50 in the moonlight?), a few more beers (wear your fancy shirt with the pockets-beers fit in them).

Those of y'all who would lik to ride from town-please see me after this post to discuss.

*Some people also refer to the Worm Moon as one of the following: Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sugar Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon. So you can take your pick, Picky.


Gunnar Berg said...

I'll stick with the optional: "Istawicayazan Wi"

-Picky Johnson

Lord Hayden said...

I got my hands full finishing my old job and starting my new job, which looks even lamer when written than spoken. Still, I'm out this month.

But on the positive tip, new job will keep will here longer and allow for more shouting at the moon Ord-style.