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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

28 February 2009

music to share

Loretta Lynn.


Allison Kraus and Union Station

Maxwell Street.

Roy. Orbison.

The Manhattans.

We miss you, Jerry.


Gunnar Berg said...

Great group. I do have some reservations with Loretta though.

reverend dick said...

And what are they?

Gunnar Berg said...

I do not appreciate her voice, style or material.

reverend dick said...

Dang, Gunnar. Those aren't reservations, those are cancellations.
I love everthing about her. Particularly the twangy lap steel.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah. And I think Billy Joe Shaver is the greatest singer/songwriter that's still upright and most people seem to think he's just an ignorant,twangy Texas s**t-kicker. I guess that's why there are lotsa entertainers out there. But thank you the opportunity for me to not listen to her tubes. Sincerely.

(I have found that if I come to your site out of my dashboard I don't have the issues with the verification word not loading.)