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20 February 2009

s24o...some people call it kidbikecamping, mmmmhmmm

s24o=sub+24hour+overnight. Kids these days...

Children out of school for (not "winter-", not "spring-") just "break" ? Time to drag them out on bikes during the lull in the monsoon. That means I am a pack jackass for 4, since L had to work and couldn't come. It's OK, I've got that much jackass and more if it's bikes...

Photos to follow.

Switched up the load arrangement this trip. The 2 dry bags in the front contain 2 sleeping bags per, plus a camp pillow each and clothing odds/ends. The cooler? Not enough beer, soy yogurts, soy milk, blueberries, and a mysterious pancake binder. The big bag on deck contains the stove, food, cookware,TP, and the 9,000lb griddle. One side load is a 4man tent in a dry bag (used) and a 2man tent (unused...why did I bring it? I don't know, man), and the other is 2 paco pads (at 10lb each!). Strapped on the ass is 2 folding chairs. You're daaaaamn right.

Close to home, heading up the hill. Starting out is always tough. You aren't warmed up, it's not as rosy as it was painted out to be, everyone's cranky from organizing,etc.

I took them the super back way, and they were 2nd guessing me like nobody's business until we got onto some dirt here.

But then, some credibility was lost. That is at the tail end of a "trail" which is currently more of a spillway. Potty break crew back there...

"window on the bay"

D tore it up on his little guy mountain bike. 20" wheels compared to N and myself on 26"? Like poopin and peein, that is hard work!

Bike path!

Since we started late (and who doesn't?) the light was waning fast. There was a lot of fussing, but the sunset don't care what your little excuses are, so tell your story walking-er, riding. I, of course, took us out the ridge 1 trail too soon, and this necessitated some small backtracking and a little lowlight bushwacking to get to the cunningly hidden game trail entrance to the Secret Spot. It worked out in the end. We all had a hot meal, sat in the dark (all the firewood is wet...) and looked at the stars. I told the kids about the Alamo (clap, clap, clapclap) deep in the heart of Texas. We talked about the deguello. We talked about how every story has at least 2 sides, and maybe the Alamo shouldn't be remembered with quite such gusto. It would have been ghost stories, but N was solidly against them on the grounds of nightmares. We checked out Orion the Hunter. There were only 2 beers, but there were 4 Tootsie Pops.

The frogs are going crazy out there right now. Sleeping to the sounds of frogs partying and coyotes singing is allright with me.

How some people spent their leisurely morning...

...and how others spent it. But hey, those are blubbery pancakes! aaaaah. "What is this mysterious binder?" you ask. Not eggssssses. It is coconutmilk and flaxmeal. Works so well, and gives the pancakes a surprise!freshness.

And, plus I remembered the spatula. You have some small idea of the joy this gave me. The collapsible tupperware bowl came in mighty. handy. too.

Sunny campsite breakdown. This is after we collected all the sleeping bags, the ponchos and the tent rain fly from their various drying out spots on the oaks. It gets super dewy at night next to the ocean.

Notice the much improved harnessing on the dry bags. This setup does not allow for ruts (with it's super low clearance) but it is so nice in it's modularity? modulation? Anyways, it's adaptable. The load being only down bags and pillows, it is fine; if it were heavy and down low the load would torque and shimmy like...something that shimmies real bad.



Homeward bound series:

Up and out.

Down and out.

On the road again.

He is just messing around here, showing off how cush he has it, but later on he did fall asleep at a very bad spot trafficwise. He fell off the back last year (yes, into the street) due to falling asleep on the Xtracycle. Parents considering this type of setup: consider yourselves warned.

Salty views.

Back under the oaks for the climb up and over. Those little freeloaders had no qualms about a lightly trafficked back way at this point. They both sqwuaked a bit about how easy J has it on the Bug Dummy air cushioned perch.

I can't say enough good things about this trip; short and sweet, quick access to fun. Maybe 20 miles each way?

Good Times. Good kids. Y'all can do this, too! Make them do it. They thank you eventually.

Do it for the children.


Joe said...

Great post!!! Thanks for sharing all the pics. We'll be S24Oing here in Iowa as soon as it warms up a little.

Joe in Iowa

Freewheel said...

Beautiful... they will thank you for such happy childhood moments/memories.

Gnome said...

excellent family camping. I'm going to have to replicate that setup.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Well done sir!

reverend dick said...

Thanks y'all.

I just don't let the kids know that this is outside the norm and they take it in stride. Kids are up for adventure.

Fxdwhl said...

you are an inspirational pack mule.

Morton Pivelfist said...

seriously, I hope when mine is old enough to ride we will roll as hard as yours.
and the coconut milk is key.
that is how the wife makes mine.
_m. pivelfist