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05 February 2009

The coming storm

Rain clouds. I am glad to see them.

It has been wonderfully warm and dry, and that is great for riding the bikes. Not so great for the local environment. I've been seeing lots and lots of wild(er)life on rides (witness the golden eagles) that do not usually show around here. It has to be the result of all the burning in Big Sur last summer, that joint is wrecked... So, bring on the rain!

I am calling the rain.

Too bad for you, though. Because this means your candy ass is gonna get soaked come Saturday. The Big Gundown will be a celebration of all that is wet and chilly. 10th Annual County Line Jamboree, at the crack of 5am in Watsonville is going to be a long hard slog in the wet slippery mud.

I see you all searching. You know it is a bad idea to do the short course at all, and a request for a humiliating kick in the tender parts to go long and hilly. You should show your support instead by lining the trails with beer and whiskey handups. Some of y'all will probably ride it anyway, so.
I recommend:
1) Have a Good Time, don't be uh crazy. It's a celebration.
2) Prepare for cold ass wet= clothes and food, people (do not forget your hands when packing your won't be able to think about anything else when riding if they are numb and wet)
3) tune your bike! duh. Gear choice? Looooooooow and high.
4) my secret weapon? sure, I'll share. Mostly because I know you won't listen, and then I laugh: fenders, bro. Yep.
5) Cheat. Cheat well, cheat often.

Having said that, it could well be glorious and sunny up on them ridges. Still mud for sure, but you might end up riding in some personal bright and cheery Shangri La surrounded below by clouds. Taking the backroads and trails for what they can be; your own private wonderland. Then drop down from the sun into the gloomy short course and rejoin the "race".


D____ G___ said...

ok, that settles it. I'm doing the long course. And cheating.

And by cheating, of course, I mean I will be doing the long course by starting at the short course. That's the kind of cheating I'm talking about.

Prepare for the onslaught of your senses. 6'7" and I got our shit together last night and it is glorious. You've been warned.

Good luck making it to the "real" start by 1pm.

That is all for now.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Break A Spoke

reverend dick said...

D_G_-That is the worst kind of cheating. The kind in which you are only cheating yourself.

I look forward to being surprised and quite possibly upset at whatever y'all have cooked up.

From 5am to 1pm is 8 hours,bro!

You're right, I may not make it...

Fxdwhl said...

have fun pedaling your bike. don't forget to pack a sandwich and a clean pair of shorts. and i hope to see mudflaps on those fenders as well.